THERA°PEARL Named 209 in the Inc 500 List


THERA°PEARL Ranks #209 with 2,017% Growth

Jessup, MD—THERA°PEARL, creator of innovative hot and cold packs, was named to the exclusive Inc 500 | 5000 list of fastest growing private companies, ranking #209 with 2,017.2% growth in the past three years.

“We are honored that the consumer response to our product has propelled us to be one of the fastest growing private companies in the United States,” says President Daniel Baumwald. “This award has been a goal of ours since the company was founded. We are grateful that consumers and retailers have embraced our unique product and made this goal a reality. ”

Today, THERA°PEARL is shaking up the pain relief industry with their patent pending Pearl Technology®, which consists of tiny pearls that easily conform to the contours of the body, even when frozen. Chilled in the freezer, or conveniently heated in the microwave, the packs retain their therapeutic temperature for the doctor recommended 20 minutes. The products offer a modern technological take on the “frozen peas” concept—providing more functionally than the conventional vegetable therapy as well as an undeniable aesthetic appeal.

“Not all the companies in the Inc. 500 | 5000 are in glamorous industries, but in their fields they are as famous as household name companies simply by virtue of being great at what they do. They are the hidden champions of job growth and innovation, the real muscle of the American economy,” says Inc. magazine Editor Eric Schurenberg.

The eye-catching therapy packs, just a concept four short years ago, are now widely available in the mainstream retail outlets around the country. THERA°PEARL’s precipitous rise has landed the #1 spot in Wal-Mart, outselling all other hot and cold packs–no small feat for a recently introduced product. The brand’s unique combination of cachet and efficacy has also enabled the company to secure the placement in diverse channel. The packs can be found in the top drugstore chains, supermarkets, sporting goods stores, hospitals and spas and salons. Adding to the company’s offerings in recent years, products have been developed to use on specific areas of the body such as knee, back, and ankle/wrist.