Frequently Asked Questions

  1. General FAQ

    1. Q: What is THERA°PEARL?

      1. A: THERA°PEARL is a reusable therapeutic hot and cold pack for use with common aches, pains, swelling and bruising.
    2. Q: Where did THERA°PEARL come from?

      1. A: THERA°PEARL was invented by Carol Baltazar, a doctor who wanted a better solution for her patients. She had always recommended frozen peas to her patients and used them for her own children, but knew there should be a better option. One day, a patient of Carol’s, Gina Dubbe, scoffed at being handed a bag of peas. Carol confessed her long time desire to improve upon the age old solution and right then and there they decided to work together to create what would become THERA°PEARL.
    3. Q: What are the Pearls made of?

      1. A: Our Pearls are made with a proprietary spherical super absorbent polymer – that’s a fancy way of saying they are round balls that really like to absorb water.
    4. Q: What should I do if I have a question that isn’t answered in this FAQ?

      1. A: Most of these questions came from our customers – we’d probably add your question to our list! If you have any questions, or just want to tell us how much you love your THERA°PEARL – Please give us a call, or send us an email – we love hearing from our customers!
    5. Q: I am a blog/review site, how do I request samples to test out?

      1. A: Please send us an email through our contact page and we will get back to you.
    6. Q: Why does THERA°PEARL feel so great on my skin?

      1. A: We worked hard to create a product that’s durable, but also feels soft on your skin. Other products can be jagged and uncomfortable, but our Pearl Technology™ is designed to conform to your body.
    7. Q: Can I take my THERA°PEARL with me on a plane?

      1. A: Packs are fine to put in your checked luggage in the United States.
    8. Q: My Doctor suggested I use frozen peas, can I use a THERA°PEARL pack instead?

      1. A: Save your vegetables for the dinner table because THERA°PEARL conforms to your body just like a bag of frozen peas, but is reusable and can be easily heated in your microwave.
    9. Q: Can I use a THERA°PEARL pack to keep my lunch cold?

      1. A: “Cooler” ice packs are designed to get very cold and maintain their temperature for a very long time, which is great for your soda, but not good for your skin. THERA°PEARL packs are designed to maintain their temperature for a therapeutically effective time, and will not stay cold as long. You can substitute your THERA°PEARL pack in a pinch, but don’t come crying to us if your egg salad gets a little funky!
  2. Use

    1. Q: Are THERA°PEARL packs re-usable?

      1. A: THERA°PEARL packs are reusable and will last longer if you treat it well. Keep your THERA°PEARL away from sharp edges, including curious cats with sharp claws! Store in a safe place in your freezer or cupboard, not your knife drawer. Each individual pack is pressure tested before leaving the factory, but to be prudent, do not place heavy objects on your pack. Overheating beyond the suggested time may damage or destroy your THERA°PEARL pack.
    2. Q: How should I store my THERA°PEARL pack?

      1. A: Store your packs in an airtight plastic bag, or in your freezer.
    3. Q: How do I clean my THERA°PEARL pack?

      1. A: Clean your pack gently with mild soap, alcohol, or detergent and let stand for 1 minute.
    4. Q: How long does THERA°PEARL stay hot or cold?

      1. A: THERA°PEARL was designed to stay hot or cold and deliver a therapeutically effective temperature for approximately 20 minutes, the doctor recommended time for hot/cold application. If you plan to re-apply the product, be sure to take a 20 minute break between uses. Some of our customers have told us they prefer to use the packs chilled in the refrigerator rather than the freezer. Consult with your physician if you are unsure about what will work best for you.
    5. Q: Is it okay to put my THERA°PEARL in a dirty microwave?

      1. A: You probably aren’t the only one out there with a dirty microwave, and you are fine using it to heat your pack, though you might want to quickly rinse your pack before putting it on your nice clean skin. You can also place your THERA°PEARL on top of a microwave-safe plate first, or wrap it in a moist paper towel.
    6. Q: My microwave is broken; can I bake my THERA°PEARL pack in the meantime?

      1. A: No, do not bake THERA°PEARL packs.
    7. Q: Can I heat my THERA°PEARL pack in boiling water?

      1. A: Yes. As an alternative heating method, fill a large pot with enough water to fully submerge the pack without touching the bottom of the pot. Bring water to a boil and remove pot from heating surface. Use a blunt, nonmetallic tool to submerge and remove the pack from the water. Avoid submerging strap while heating the pack. Submerge pack for the time listed below. If pack has not reached desired temperature, submerge again (in same water) for an additional minute. Towel dry pack before applying. 1-2 Minutes 0g-200g (Pals, Eyemask) 2-3 Minutes 200g-400g (Sports Pack, Face Mask, Oval Pack, Sports Pack with Strap, Ankle/Wrist) 3-4 Minutes 400g+(Back Wrap, Knee Wrap, Neck Wrap, Shoulder Wrap) For safety and to avoid damage to TheraPearl pack: Always test the pack temperature before application and allow to cool if needed. Always inspect the pack for signs of damage or leaking prior to use and discard if damage is found. Do not immerse pack while water is being heated. Do not leave pack unattended while heating. Do not allow the pack to come in contact with the pot or heat source for prolonged time, excessive contact may rupture the pack.
    8. Q: Is it ok if there is condensation inside the pack?

      1. A: THERA°PEARL packs contain purified water, and it is normal for some of this to condense on the inside of the pack.
    9. Q: Can I take my THERA°PEARL straight from the freezer and heat in the microwave?

      1. A: But be very careful not to overheat your pack. Test the pack temperature prior to application, as overheating may cause injury. Overheating may also damage or destroy your pack.
    10. Q: What should I do if my microwave doesn’t seem to be heating my pack evenly?

      1. A: Even microwaves with the same power often heat differently, and sometimes unevenly. We always recommend that you test your pack temperature before you remove it from the microwave, and if it seems to be unevenly heated, give your pack a gentle shake to let the non-toxic Pearls mix together.
    11. Q: Do I have to freeze my pack for 2 hours?

      1. A: You can leave your pack in the freezer indefinitely, or just chill it for a short period of time. Some of our customers are looking for “cool” rather than “brrr” so they store their packs in the fridge.
    12. Q: What do you use cold packs for and what do you use hot packs for?

      1. A: We have a great section on our website called Hot/Cold 101. When you’ve read that section, you graduate to Hot/Cold 201!
    13. Q: Do I need to wrap my THERA°PEARL before placing it in the microwave?

      1. A: Some of our customers wrap their pack in a moist paper towel or cloth, but this is not required.
    14. Q: What are the key benefits to using THERA°PEARL?

      1. A: Not to toot our own horn, but there are many great things about THERA°PEARL! Frozen or heated, our packs will conform to your body for maximum therapeutic relief. They are mess free and do not leak or drip water. Our packs feel great directly on your skin and our budget conscious customers appreciate that our packs are reusable. Everyone tells us they love how easy it is to microwave their packs.
    15. Q: I’ve used my pack for a while and the pearls are starting to break down, is this normal?

      1. A: Your brand new favorite shirt won’t be as crisp after going through some laundry cycles, and the Pearls in your pack will also start to break down after repeated use. This is perfectly normal, and your pack will still work even after all the Pearls break down.
    16. Q: How do I know when it’s time to dispose of my THERA°PEARL pack?

      1. A: You should discard your pack any time it’s punctured, pierced, or leaking.
    17. Q: My pack broke, can I use tape/glue/epoxy/staples to repair it?

      1. A: No, please discard your pack if it breaks.
    18. Q: How should I dispose of my THERA°PEARL pack?

      1. A: We recommend that you dispose of the non-toxic pearls in your household trash, not down your sink. The empty bag can be put in the trash or recycled along with other products, like children’s toys, that have the “3″ recycling symbol.
    19. Q: Can I fall asleep with my pack on?

      1. A: THERA°PEARL was designed to be therapeutically effective and safe but we do not recommend you fall asleep with a pack applied.
    20. Q: How often can I use my THERA°PEARL pack?

      1. A: It’s important to give your skin a break between applications, so we recommend you wait 20 minutes before applying again.
    21. Q: Is it okay to use THERA°PEARL on open wounds?

      1. A: THERA°PEARL was not designed to be used on open wounds.
    22. Q: I used a pack on my eyes and now my vision is blurry.

      1. A: Blurred vision following an application of your THERA°PEARL pack is normal and often the result of oil releasing from your Meibomian Glands and/or minor pressure applied from the pack/mask. This should go away, and if it does not, we recommend you contact your physician.
    23. Q: Can I use my THERA°PEARL pack in a bath?

      1. A: You can use it in a bath, you can use it doing math! Use it in a shower too, or take it with you to the zoo!
    24. Q: Can I place the pack directly on my skin?

      1. A: Yes, THERA°PEARL packs can be placed directly on your skin, but be sure to test the pack’s temperature before applying.
    25. Q: Can I sit/lay on the pack?

      1. A: We test every THERA°PEARL pack with a big heavy weight before it leaves the factory, but we do not recommend you sit or lay on your pack.
    26. Q: Can I use my THERA°PEARL pack if I am pregnant?

      1. A: It is recommended that the doctor is consulted to confirm TheraPearl Hot and Cold packs are appropriate for hot/cold therapy if the user is pregnant.
    27. Q: Can I use my THERA°PEARL pack in a bath?

      1. A: Congratulations! We recommend that you ask your doctor if THERA°PEARL is an appropriate product for you.
    28. Q: Can I use my THERA°PEARL pack in conjunction with a topical analgesic?

      1. A: A topical analgesic may reduce your ability to correctly judge temperature on your skin, so we recommend that you do not.
    29. Q: Can I take my THERA°PEARL to the gym and use it while I’m working out?

      1. A: Many of our customers use a heated pack to help get the blood flowing before a workout.
    30. Q: Can I use THERA°PEARL for my headaches?

      1. A: A study found that the analgesic effect of a cold pack helped a significant number of patients, and it was more effective for migraine headaches vs. mixed or cluster headaches. Go for it, we hope it works for you!
  3. Product Information

    1. Q: How does THERA°PEARL monitor the quality of their products?

      1. A: In most countries, THERA°PEARL packs are regulated as medical devices. We take the quality and safety of our products very seriously and have comprehensive risk management processes in place. Our FDA-certified manufacturing faculties are regularly audited by independent agencies to ensure that the quality control processes we have in place are followed correctly.
    2. Q: Does THERA°PEARL test on animals?

      1. A: If by “test on animals” you mean – do we sometimes bring our dogs to the office, then yes – probably more often than we should! We do not perform any lab testing on animals.
    3. Q: Does THERA°PEARL test for phthalates in its products?

      1. A: All THERA°PEARL products are phthalate free and regularly laboratory tested to exceed standards set by section 108 of the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act of 2008.
    4. Q: Does THERA°PEARL test for lead or other hazardous substances?

      1. A: All THERA°PEARL products must regularly pass independent laboratory testing based on standards from section 101 of the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act of 2008. This includes elements such as lead and mercury, but also PBB’s and PBDE’s.
    5. Q: Does THERA°PEARL contain Latex, BPA, or BPS?

      1. A: THERA°PEARL packs do not contain Latex, BPA, or BPS.
    6. Q: What does the “CE” mark on THERA°PEARL stand for?

      1. A: The CE mark on our product demonstrates that THERA°PEARL complies with European Economic Area (EEA) requirements for our type of medical device. These requirements cover such areas as risk management, quality control and safety.
  4. Cautions/Warnings

    1. Q: Are there any medical conditions that may put me at risk if I use THERA°PEARL?

      1. A: THERA°PEARL was designed by a doctor to be safe and therapeutically effective, but there are some conditions which may increase the risk of frostbite. Check with your physician if you think one of these may apply to you. People who are taking beta blockers, which decrease the flow of blood to the skin, are particularly susceptible. Also at risk are smokers, individuals with diabetes, peripheral neuropathy, local limb ischemia, arteriosclerosis, cold urticaria, hypertension, rheumatoid arthritis, paroxysmal cold hemoglobinuria or Raynaud’s phenomenon. A low body fat percentage, most commonly found in athletes and the elderly, also increases the risk of frostbite. Additionally, people suffering from exhaustion, dehydration or malnutrition or who have consumed alcohol should also be careful.
    2. Q: I have very sensitive/insensitive skin, is it okay to use a THERA°PEARL pack?

      1. A: For these conditions, we recommend that you check with your physician before use.
    3. Q: What should I do if I keep using my THERA°PEARL pack but the pain won’t go away?

      1. A: Seek medical attention.
    4. Q: Will THERA°PEARL “cure me?”

      1. A: THERA°PEARL is designed for therapeutic use, and to make you feel better. If it’s something serious, get some medical attention.
    5. Q: Can THERA°PEARL help me with the dark circles under my eyes?

      1. A: Dark circles under the eyes are caused by various factors such as allergies or a lack of sleep. A person’s skin may also be thin in that area so the blood vessels under the skin appear more visible. Application of a cold THERA°PEARL pack will help decrease the blood flow in the vessels and therefore decrease the appearance of the circles.
    6. Q: My pet ingested some non-toxic Pearls; what should I do?

      1. A: Our non-toxic Pearls should not be ingested. Though unlikely, the non-toxic Pearls may swell in the respiratory or digestive systems of pets. If you think your pet may have ingested any Pearls, contact your veterinarian.
    7. Q: I accidentally ingested some non-toxic Pearls; should I be worried?

      1. A: Our pearls are non-toxic, but should not be ingested. First aid is generally not required, and ingestion is not thought to be a cause for concern, but we recommend you contact your physician who will be more familiar with your personal medical history.
    8. Q: I accidentally got some of the non-toxic Pearl mixture in my eye; what should I do?

      1. A: Flush your eye with plenty of water, and remove any remaining particles. Seek medical attention if irritation persists.
    9. Q: Can the strap go in water/microwave?

      1. A: Yes,all of the straps on our products are designed to be microwavable.
    10. Q: Are THERA°PEARL packs safe for children?

      1. A: THERA°PEARL should be applied under adult supervision. Our non-toxic Pearls should not be ingested. THERA°PEARL packs should not be used on infants or used as a teething ring.
    11. Q: What happens if I heat my pack for too long?

      1. A: Overheating or prolonged application may cause injury, including burns. Heating beyond the suggested time may damage or destroy your THERA°PEARL pack. If you heat the pack beyond our recommended time, the pearls can get very hot and could burn you very quickly. It is normal for a THERA°PEARL pack to expand a little when heated for the recommended time. If you accidentally heat your pack beyond the recommended time and see it inflating like a balloon, immediately turn off your microwave, wait for the pack to cool down, and then carefully dispose of your pack. When in doubt, or if your pack shows any signs of deforming, dispose of your pack – a pack that has been overheated should never be reused. THERA°PEARL packs will explode like a popped balloon if heated for an excessive amount of time.
    12. Q: Will my THERA°PEARL pack burn me?

      1. A: Always test your pack’s temperature prior to application, especially when using on children. Temperature should be warm to the touch, but not hot, and never painful. Heating recommendations provided by THERA°PEARL are guidelines and are based on testing in standard household microwaves. You may find that you prefer your pack hotter, or cooler. Power output will vary in each microwave. Uneven heating may occur, so be careful. The temperature may vary in different locations in/on your THERA°PEARL pack. Give your pack a gentle shake when it comes out of the microwave to help ensure heat is evenly distributed. Do not fall asleep using your pack.
    13. Q: Can my child use a THERA°PEARL pack as a teething ring?

      1. A: No.