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TheraPearl Color Changing Build Your Own Pack

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Quick Overview

TheraPearl Technology enhances the age-old therapy of heating and cooling to alleviate pain. Gel pearls visibly change colors to indicate hot or cold temperature and easily conforms to the body for maximum comfort. Recover from injuries faster or reduce everyday aches and pains using TheraPearl reusable hot and cold compress packs.
Product Information

  • Compact and portable, the Build Your Own Pack contains 6 small packs (3" x 3" each) for a totally customizable recovery experience; each pack can be snapped together to create a custom shape to fit any small body part such as foot, wrist, elbow or forehead

  • TheraPearl Color Changing Hot + Cold packs feature TheraPearl ColorSmart Technology with pearls that visibly change colors indicating hot or cold temperature

  • Blue gel pearls will turn white when hot and purple when cold

  • Designed to easily conform to your body even when frozen for maximum comfort

  • Pearls conveniently hold temperature for the doctor-recommended time of approximately 20 minutes

  • Place pack in microwave (refer to microwave instructions chart) for deep-heating therapy that helps relieve everyday aches, joint stiffness, and muscle pain.

  • Place pack in freezer for at least 4 hours for a cold therapeutic pain relief experience that helps relieve sprains, swelling, tennis elbow, and headaches


Our TheraPearl Color Changing Build Your Own Pack is Perfect for:

  • Sore Muscles/Arthritis
  • Pre/Post Workout
  • Sprains/Swelling & More!


3" x 3" (one pack)


THERA°PEARL Pack should be applied to skin for doctor recommended time of 20 minutes. Remove and wait at least 20 minutes. Reapply pack for 20 minutes, if needed.

HEAT THERAPY - Microwave for time indicated below, thoroughly mix to distribute color, and test pack prior to use. Heat for additional 3 seconds until desired temperature is reached.


 700 watt

 1000 watt

 1200 watt

 1 pack

 10 seconds

 8 seconds

 7 seconds

 2 pack

 15 seconds

 12 seconds

 10 seconds

 3 pack

 20 seconds

 16 seconds

 13 seconds

 4 pack

 25 seconds

 20 seconds

 16 seconds

 5 pack

 30 seconds

 24 seconds

 19 seconds

 6 pack

 35 seconds

 28 seconds

 22 seconds

COLD THERAPY - Freeze for 4 hours.

Additional Product Information

Store in freezer or airtight container, out of direct light.

CAUTION: Always test pack temperature prior to application.Prolonged application may cause injury, including burns. Do not use on infants. Do not use if you have poor circulation. Do not use heat therapy on stitches or an open wound. Do not fall asleep using pack. Use only under adult supervision. For extreme, prolonged, or chronic pain, contact a physician. Use only as directed. Heating beyond suggested time may damage or destroy pack. Do not puncture pack and/or ingest contents. For external use only. Do not place soft covers in microwave.

The color change of the pearls may be less visible over time with the number of uses, but this does not affect the performance of the pack.