Your hips are a more crucial part of your wellbeing than you might think. If your hips are tight, other parts of your body have to overcompensate to allow you to walk properly. Having tight hips can also cause poor posture and a misalignment of your back. If you sit at a desk all […]


  Neck pain and stiffness can affect every movement you make. There’s something about a stiff or tight neck that just throws your whole body off. Whether you slept funny or consistently have problems with your neck tightening up, this stretch will help to loosen up and increase circulation in your neck muscles. Relax your […]


  Persistent back pain affects more of your life than you would expect. It limits your physical activity, occupies your mind which leads to stress, and often forces you to adjust your social life to accommodate your pain. Did you know that you can alleviate back pain right at home? Try this stretch to loosen […]


  This week’s stretch is brought to you by the bane of every runner’s existence: Shin splints. Whether you regularly suffer from them or you’ve always worried that they’ll creep up on you and cramp your style, you can benefit from doing preventative stretching. Here’s a stretch that you can incorporate into your day to […]


  If you recently started working out to get ready for your beach vacation, you may not have considered that suddenly putting your body through all that stress and strain puts you at risk for injuring yourself. Here are a few things you can do to prevent an injury and maximize the results of your […]